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What Can You Write in an Article?

Just about anything Key Club related! Events, members, officers, or Key Club in general.

How to Write an Article

If you ever need help on writing an article, read this to help you out!

# Start out with the date

# Name the event & location

# Describe the location, people, and weather

# Talk about what you did during the event

# Decide what you liked and what you didn't like

# End with how the event made you feel

# 150 word minimum

# Utilize adjectives

# Restate important information

# Quality and quantity are appreciated!

Write articles for spirit points (two articles equal one spirit point, or one hour) and send them to munchingarticlemachine@yahoo.com

District Convention 2014 (DCON)

Here is your opportunity to meet thousands of Key Clubbers from the span of three states, be recognized for your club's achievements, elect the 2012-2013 Executive Board, and dance the night away at the Governor's Ball on Saturday night. Don't miss out on the most amazing Key Club event of the year!

Event will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center and the Anaheim Marriott from April 11th - 13th, 2014.

Day One - Spirit Day: Everyone will be wearing their divisional/club t-shirt. This day is all about showing your club spirit. We will cheer our lungs out, explore around.. and then go eat dinner as a club! There will be a few workshops and general sessions. You will be able to meet many other Cali-Nev-Ha bees as well!

Day Two - Business Attire: You will dress up all professional and business like. There will be a general session where you and the other key clubbers will meet in a big room to listen to speeches, motivational speakers, updates, etc. They will give out free breakfast and dinner! We can roam around, go to workshops, and meet MORE people. It's fun because there will be icebreakers and you can meet so many people outside of the OC and California! Then we change into our dress cothes/ dresses, have dinner and then at another session, they will be giving out awards to officers and for other reasons like distinguished club website, t-shirt design, etc. There will also be a talent show where you will get to see people sing and dance. After that, there's a GOVERNOR'S BALL. Its usually a two hour dance. Our curfew is 12:00 AM, so we can roam around with our advisor until then.

Day Three: Everyone usually wakes up around five or six to get ready and start packing. We can attend the Walk for Life where we donate five dollars and walk around the convention with everyone else. Then head back for breakfast and have a closing ceremony. After that, we pack up and leave.

We will be staying at the Anaheim Marriott, and the price will be approximately $267. We are going to fundraise, so we can reduce the price. It is truly an unforgettable event and no one ever regrets going. Listen up for updates at our meetings and remember to start saving!

These cheers are useful for showcasing your spirit at service events (especially those walks), Fall Rally, DCMs, DCON, ICON, Training Conferences, and practically any Key Club event you attend!

Key Club International Cheer:

(Someone asks) Hey _______, how do you feel?!

(Reply) I feel good, oh I feel so good, UGH!

I feel fine, all of the time!


Cali-Nev-Ha Rap:

From the east to the west, you know we are the best!

We're the district with a sting and that's why we sing:

We're the bees, buzz, buzz! We're the bees, buzz, buzz!

It's all about the party hardy CNH Bees!

Cali-Nev-Ha Cheer:

Cali-Nev-Ha, Cali-Nev-Ha!

Abooga, Abooga, Abooga!

Ha, Ha, Ha!

(x3 getting louder each time)

We Got Spirit:

We got spirit yes we do, we got spirit how 'bout you? (Repeat 5x)

On the 6th turn, you say:

You got spirit, yes you do, you got spirit 'cause we gave it to you!

4 North Main Cheer:

We throw our hands up in the air sometime, saying Otters, let's go Otters

Cause we're gonna rock this show

Cause we're gonna throw it all like it's otter style

Cause we told you once

Now we told you twice

We're gonna splash it up

Like it's otter style

Who's in the House:

Who's in the House? Who's in the house?

Otters are in the HUH-house!

We are Number One:

ONE, we are the Otters (Slap hands


Two, a little louder (hold up 2 fingers across eye)

Three, we still can't hear you! (hold 3

fingers and pull down)

We are number ONE! (Fist pump and stomp at same time)

(Repeat 3x)

Teal Machine:

You don't want no Teal machine, You don't want none

And if you want some teal machine,

Come on, get some.

Ugh! (1 thrust)

Double Ugh! (2 thrusts)

Triple Ugh! (3 thrusts)

Slow it down... Ughhh... (1 thrust in slow-mo)

Speed it up! Ugh! (1 thrust in fast motion)

When I Say 4:

When I say four, you say North

4! (North!) 4! (North!) 4! (North!)

When I say number, you say- ONE -Number


4 North Earthquake:

We are 4 North Otters And we like to shake

And when we shake,

We make a boom earthquake! (Stomp)

We make a boom earthquake! (Stomp)

Bolsa Grande Cheers

We are the Matadors and we can't be beat

And when we scream and shout we go all out beast

Livin' life Grande sized

Bolsa is all like that

Throwing that red cape up in the sky

The Matadors are here to fly <------ (or something that has to do with a matador)

Bolsa Grande number one

We are always on the top

Pushing limits everyday

That's what shows that we are great

We make a beat that kicks.

We rock that crazy jam.

We show those funk moves.

We got that Matador style.

Group 1: Bolsa

Group 2:Grande

(gradually get louder and faster 3x)

All Together: You Know

Group 1: Who are we

Group 2: Matadors

Group 1: Who are we

Group 2: Matadors

Group 1: What are we

Group 2: Number 1

Group 1:What are we

Group 2: Number 1

What: Due to the District's massive size, two Fall Rallies are held each year; one in Northern California at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, one in Southern California at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Thousands of members gather at each of the two theme parks on their selected day, one in October, one in November. At Fall Rally North and South, LTGs and Executive officers are "auctioned" off to Divisions; the winning Division is able to then spend a designated period of time with the "purchased" officer. Auction funds and a portion of the ticket sales for both events go towards the Pediatric Trauma Program.

Where: Six Flags Magic Mountain

When: November 9th, 2013

Why: Experience Motivational Programs, Divisional Spirit Rally, Meet New People, Helping out Pediatric Trauma, and Key Club Spirit.





Okay, perhaps I should have mentioned results may vary about all of your wishes coming true. However, from hours to how to write articles to cheers and so much more, you can find it all here. This page here is definitely dedicated to you, our wonderful Key Club members! Enjoy.



Pop Tabs

What: Pop tabs are the pieces of metal that opens aluminum cans such as soda cans. But instead of throwing these pieces of away, the Ronald McDonald House encourages people to recycle these tabs to help raise funds for charities and help families in need. Our club is participating and doing its part to help. For every 100 tabs you collect, you will be able to receive half a spirit point. So next time your drink a soda, make sure to keep the tab to help you earn some hours!

When: You can start collecting now and you will be notified of when you can turn them in.

Club T-Shirts

What: Our club t-shirts was designed by our club president and vice president and they dedicated a lot of time to into making this t-shirt for you members. These t-shirts are not only a great way to promote our Key club spirit on campus but during events as well. If over winter break you did not get the chance to order with your class director, you can still get yours for only $11.

Club Elections

What: Our club elections will be held in the month of February. Take the time to consider any positions you are interested in now by either going to the officer's meeting on Wednesdays. Also, feel free to ask any of the officers about their positions and duties.

Divisional T-Shirt

What: Our new divisional t-shirts for this year have arrived! These shirts are great for showing your "otter" pride for at divisional events such as Fall Rally and DCMs. The shirt sizes are small, medium, large, and x-large. They are only for $10. There is a limited amount of shirts available so reserve yours before they are gone.





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